Back in May I followed Jay Sparrow around to Vancouver, Austin and New Orleans while he finished recording his latest album BLUEBIRD. We had the opportunity to hang out with Wide Mouth Mason’s Shaun Verreault at Greenhouse Studios and Gordie Johnson at Arlyn Studios. Also featured in this behind the scenes video is Edmonton based recording engineer Brad Smith, Clayton Bellamy of Roadhammers and local musician Jeff Dick.

Filmed and Edited by Christina Ienna

I recently filmed The Provincial Archive’s latest video “The Market” directed by my pal, Dylan Rhys Howard. Craig and Nate were such great sports running over and over again while lip-syncing at a high speed frame rate to capture these shots. I have to admit it was a quite a riot hanging out of the trunk of Dylan’s car with my camera as Craig bolted down the street after us in the rain. 

We were walking down the street after filming b-roll all day for a music video shoot and heard that the Foo Fighters were in town recording. So we figured they may pull a stunt or be hanging around since it was Saturday night and headed towards Bourbon Street.

We got there just as a crowd was forming in front of Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street. We were already fairly close to the building just off the curb but I saw an opening and snuck up to the front. The wide window shuttered doors flew open to the street crowd and literally one person and a gated bar separated us from David Grohl! 
Arcade Fire and some brilliant local jazz musicians jammed out with the band. We also spotted Anderson Cooper and I think Patrick Carney (Black Keys Drummer) enter the building!

There were tons of cameras filming for their upcoming HBO series, so I may be seen a couple times in crowd shots. I also happened to have my camera on me, so I shot what I could in the mass of drunkards before my battery died. I even did a lens change in my bag in the middle of a mosh pit! 
It was definitely a once in a lifetime, amazingly spontaneous evening! Here’s a couple photos I managed to shoot. Video to come once I get around to editing it!

Such great fun camera assisting on The Wet Secrets - Nightlife (Official Music Video) - starring Joe Flaherty!

Spent most of this autumn in the mountains surrounded by a glorious palette of colour. Wandering across the province working with the Travel Alberta crew was an incredible experience: searching for bears in Banff, the postcard prefect view of Moraine Lake, close encounters with wildlife in Waterton and a look back in time at Heritage Park in Calgary.

A 12km hike transported us through an extreme seasonal change, from the last warmth of summer to the vibrance of fall ending in snowy mountain tops to find golden larch trees. The best part was wonderful memories shared working with another fantastic crew - especially another great mentor of mine, Shaun Henning!

Along the way we met some wonderful people with great stories or fascinating facts to share and I was also lucky enough to meet digital nomad Andrew Evans and his cameraman Josh Newman from National Geographic! 


As a freelancer, deciding where to invest your time for the next day, week, month or year can be quite daunting.

Even more so, who you invest this time with heavily affects any production. Sometimes we forget that filmmaking is collaborative. So many people with different skill sets come together to bring a story to life, each playing a significant role in its creation.

It’s also becoming more rare to find pure forms of loyalty and trust in this industry when everyone is fighting to stand out in order to get ahead. If you’re lucky enough to find a group of people that click, hold on tight!

Be mindful of those investing their own precious time and money in you. A little appreciation can go along way.

Owls! Wolves! Mountains! Neanderthals? 

Filming the behind the scenes of Clearwater Documentary's latest project “Human” was quite the dream! Such a pleasure working with a wonderfully adventurous crew in the beautiful landscapes of Grand Cache. Especially since some of my mentors, Daron and aAron were shooting the Sony F55 and Phantom Miro - not to mention Brett's (steadicam operator) cameo as a neanderthal!!! Plus it's always a treat to watch SkyMotion flying their helicopter RED Epic unit around! Wait until you see the gorgeous costumes, wicked makeup and high speed animal shots in these fantastic re-enactments! 

Happy to announce the release of Shred Kelly’s "New Black" music video!!! I had an absolute blast filming with the band, cast and crew out in Camrose at Silver Creek Paintball. Here are a few more behind the scene photos taken by my lovely friend Kenya.

The Cheatahs: Dylan Rhys Howard, Cody Sparshu and Lee Savage
Extras: Sean, Neil, Holly, Rory and Tory

Producers: Shred Kelly and Christina Ienna
Director: Christina Ienna
Assistant Director: Justin Evans
Cinematographer: Shaun Henning
Camera Assistant: Holly Mazur
Wardrobe and Photography: Kenya Hushagen
Art Director (Prep): Lindsay McIntrye
Prop Master: Agata Palka
Best Boy: Troy Woodbeck
Grip: Rory Fidler
Locations and Grip: Shawn Knievel
Edit and Colour Grade: Christina Ienna

Just wrapped working the tail end of a 35mm Feature Film called “Cut Bank” with a cast of huge stars Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bruce Dern and John Malkovich. It was such an incredible experience working for Cinematographer Ben Richardson (Beasts of The Southern Wild) and Director Matt Shakman! 

Huge thank you to the camera team especially Dean and Andy for taking me on as a camera trainee and teaching me so much! What an amazing and talented group of folks!

Produced and Directed Shred Kelly’s music video “New Black”

So this is the part where I brag and brag about all the AMAZING FOLKS that helped me with Shred Kelly’s hilariously awesome music video shoot! Shaun Henning the magic man behind the camera! Kenya Rae on Retro Rad Costumes, Lindsay on Art Direction Prep with Agata Palka Set Decorating on site. Shawn Knievel and Klayton for letting us use Silver Creek Paintball facility - coolest place to shoot we couldn’t stop filming stuff! Justin Evans Assistant Directing making sure my crew was happy and fed! Troy Woodbeck and Rory lending some strong hands in the Grip Dept! Holly Gripping and Camera Assisting! My wonderful roommates for patiently let us film at the house yesterday! My lovely cast of troublemaking “Cheatahs” Dylan Bennett Rhys Howard Cody and Lee, all the extras that came out and finally Shred Kelly for letting me direct their new video and being good sports in the rain, mud and heat!

Can’t wait to show off everyone’s hard work soon! Truly blessed to work with such a talented and dedicated group of people! Thank you for everything!

Had the pleasure of filming Autoscript’s latest Cinecoup mission “Cheap Tricks” with their hilarious cast and crew! More green screen fun shot on Epic and the iPhone 5!

Autoscript is in the Cincoup competition to win $1 million!

So Please Watch, Rate & Share!

How we pulled off a crazy set switching one take shot in seconds!!!

Very proud of my crew! THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!

Especially Wes, Lindsay and Kenya!

Directed a commercial for FAVA FEST over the last couple days. We have 16mm hand processed film, RED Epic 5K footage and Green Screen composites happening all in a 30 second spot! Can’t wait to show off all the hard work of my cast and crew that made some magic happened in a week long production from prep to post! 

Photos taken by Eugene Uhuad while he was gripping on-set too!