Party Train! Portage & Main Sunrise Session Chris Ho Shred Kelly Shred Kelly Frisbee Fun Zac & Adrian Glitter Everywhere!

Some screen grabs and snapshots from my trip across Canada on Via Rail for Tracks On Tracks! It was quite the experience! 

Music video “Gloria” by Studio Symphony 

Directed by David Ross Cinematography by Christina Ienna

Special thanks to my camera assistants Michael Distefano and Simon Giroux along with everyone who came out to help us, especially our dedicated extras including some LAFA kids! I also had such a fantastic time doing art direction since Mike T let us use most of his WWII collection for props in the video including the jeep and Charlotte Katherine Ross sewed the flag and armbands for the troops! All our explosive work was done by the gentlemen at K&H Fireworks. 

Also be sure to check out behind the scenes photos of the production taken by the lovely Lorah Berry