Sun City just released the music video “High” I shot on RED EPIC back in November! It’s also being featured on and on MTV Iggy!

Writer, Director, Editor and Producer: Brett Hamilton
Cinematographer, Colourist and Art Direction: Christina Ienna

Executive Producers: Sun City, Trifocal Pictures and Hosteling International 
Costume: Kenya Hushagen
Camera Assistant: Dylan Howard
Grips and Production Assistance: Agata Polka, Siobhan Crothers and Elizabeth Shaw 
Craft Service: Malak Johnson, Erin Shaw and Nicole Chiam

A Huge Special Thanks to our wonderful cast of kids that braved the mountain cold like champs: Anna May, Carson, Shawn, Justin, Lauren, Wyatt, Angelique, Kaitlyn and Miika!

Filmed a music video on the RED EPIC in the Rocky Mountains for the Australian band Sun City! It was a blast working with Director Brett Hamilton from Trifocal! The days were very cold, long and rough but everyone on our small crew pulled through. Even the kids were troopers running around in furry costumes in the snow. These beautiful images could have never been captured without each person’s contribution. Thank you! Can’t wait to show off all our hard work in a couple weeks! Here are some RAW uncoloured pulled frames from the shoot.

Music video “Gloria” by Studio Symphony 

Directed by David Ross Cinematography by Christina Ienna

Special thanks to my camera assistants Michael Distefano and Simon Giroux along with everyone who came out to help us, especially our dedicated extras including some LAFA kids! I also had such a fantastic time doing art direction since Mike T let us use most of his WWII collection for props in the video including the jeep and Charlotte Katherine Ross sewed the flag and armbands for the troops! All our explosive work was done by the gentlemen at K&H Fireworks. 

Also be sure to check out behind the scenes photos of the production taken by the lovely Lorah Berry

Just checked the youtube hits on Michou’s music video “Growing Younger” - there are 95,239 hits!!!! 

I’m so thankful for everyone who’s supported the video and the boys! It still blows my mind that it played on MuchMusic top 10 which was all possible because of you! 

It was so much fun to make and I’m so happy people love it! Please keep watching and sharing the video to help Michou spread their music. They are currently recording more great songs as we speak! 

love, the girl who shot the bike video ;P